MC: Your Favorite Characters in Overwatch? S: Tracer…. And Widowmaker?

MC: I think I get what is in common between those two…. S: We all get it, but let’s just keep it untold. MC: Okay, okay MC: Yes, yes. And How about the characters you want to see most in cosplay? Is the answer same? MC: What is the reason you like the flowers so much?

Do you even wear flowery underwear? And you are famous for naughty jokes, maybe because you are full of naughty thoughts. So, are all those jokes coming from your own mind? S: I shoulnd’t have accepted this interview. Hahahaha MC: Is there anything you’d like to tell to those who are dreaming of being a pro gamer? S: To speak realistically… MC: We will refresh your brain clogged of curiosity!

I am Ryu Hojeong, the MC of Your Curiosity Server. Today we have here with us a player with not only great skills but also great passion Saebyeolbe from professional Overwatch team, LW BLUE! Welcome!

MC: Nice to see you. S: Nice to see you too. MC: Hello, Saebyeolbe, could you introduce yourself to the viewers?

S: Hello, I’m Saebyeolbe, DPS of LW BLUE. MC: Great to see you. MC: It came to me that your character is very bright. I could feel it very moment you came in. So are you always like this?

S: Well, yes. What would be the point of living when we don’t enjoy it? MC: I saw some of your streaming videos, and it seemed like you can’t just control your energy. You know, in tournaments or streaming. S: Well, yea.

It does overflow. It just flows from me. MC: Your Nickname, Sae(Bird in Korean) Byeol(Star) Be(Rain), if we see each characters of it, it has very beautiful meaning, and together it looks even more charming.

So was there any specific reason you chose this nickname? S: It actually is an abbreviation for ‘Star Shower at Dawn’ MC: How did you begin playing Overwatch? S: You know, when they just started advertising the game, on Facebook and stuff.

And there I saw this one character, Tracer, shooting guns like pew, pew. S: Her beauty just caught my eyes. MC: And were you playing any other game before that? S: I used to play CS, the Counter Strike. MC: So you used to play FPS games in general? S: Yes, I played many of them.

MC: And were you already good then? S: Even back then I was part of a team. The name of the team was AutoCrash. It is just a team of amateurs, but you know. Because the market pool in Korea is quite small… MC: And you just jumped out of the team when you saw Tracer?

S: Haha. I felt like ‘That’s it!’ Cause you know, she is hot. MC: How did you get into the team LW BLUE? S: I was originally in team AIM, and I was part of CONBOX for short time. I also took application test for team KONGDOO.

I was really desperate back then. MC: To become a pro gamer, right? S: Yes, to become a pro gamer. And right about moment I was thinking about quitting and going back home to get a job, I got a chance to take an application test for LW.

To be honest I didn’t do really well in the test. MC: You were nervous, right? S: Yes. I was really nervous to play against the real professionals. And I gave up in the middle. I said ‘I’m sorry.

I don’t think I could make it.’ But Fl0w3R strongly recommended me and thanks to that I could get into this team. MC: So he thought good of your play? S: Yes, yes.

MC: Viewer Jabonjoowe asked who makes strategies in the team, and who gives orders. S: Gambler used to take that role. We make strategy altogether. Actually we have separate time for strategy building. Other than our regular training time. All team members will check ultimate for each other, And based on that information, Gambler will make calculation in his brain, and build structure of that game.

‘Let’s use the ultimate at this moment, to block this move.’ Thinking of those things is usually Gambler’s job, MC: It’s six-person team game, and each member might have different opinion. I believe it would have took some time until you could all directly follow the order. S: Yes, and that is why didn’t go very smooth at the beginning. But now we came to the level that no one touches the given order. MC: Once the order is given?

S: Yes. All the members will follow what he has been ordered of. Let’s say someone has drawn strategy in his brain ‘We will do this at here, and like this and that we will win.’ Then what the members shall do to win is to do this and that, right? And that is what we do. MC: and with some feasible enforcement? S: haha, kinda like that.

Gambler sometimes gives some impossible orders. Then Fl0w3R and I will fulfill that impossibility, then we will win. MC: Sounds cool! S: Yes, yes. That is way the team runs, and is quite a pain in my butt. MC: Actually, if any of you hesitate like ‘That order will be impossible to follow’ that it will cause term S: Yes.

That will be unacceptable. When Gambler says ‘Do this’ Then ‘Okay’ will be the only acceptable anser. MC: and you guys will somehow follow that order, right? S: Yes.

Actually, once during a tournament, Gambler requested Fl0w3R to ‘Hey, reflect that Zarya’s ultimate!’ Man he just says that if it is such an easy thing to do. Just reflect! The thing is, Fl0w3R will say ‘yeah, okay’ and actually does that!

MC: Does he? S: And to me he will say like ‘Man, attach your Pulse Bomb to cut him out!’ And I go like ‘Okay I will’ and really attach it That’s how thing’s go around. MC: I once heard that what DPS players do is to ‘cram in’ the damage. It surely is amazing. And viewer Hannui asked ‘How’s the dorm? Isn’t it small?’ S: Well, it is about 200m2 room for 15 men.

MC: All 15 sleeps in one accommodation? S: Yes. Sounds crowded, right? We all have to shove in a little. It’s kinda like a barrack. MC: And all teammates sleep at the same time?

S: Yes, we do. MC: Everyone sleeps altogether, lights off, right? S: Yes, it is like that.

MC: I believe that one member may come in late and end up bothering everyone else’s sleep? S: Well, yes, to prevent such things from happening, We have a system called ‘an elf of 3 o’ clock’ and anyone streaming by that time must turn it off. It is our mandatory sleeping time. MC: You all must sleep at that time?

S: Yes. no exception. MC: Which member among your team is most different from his first impression? S: Mek0 it is. MC: And How is he different? S: Well, at first he seem kinda, serious, atmospheric, We expected him to be a quiet guy And he turned out to be kind like me!

I was quite surprised. But more than that, teammates would have been really surprised to know How I am. MC: Hahahaha, Is that the most important point? S: The most important point it is.

MC: And how would you list your teammates by their craziness? S: I would obviously be on the top, wouldn’t I? And Mek0 will come next, And all the others are just strange pretty equally. MC: They are strange pretty equally, right?

S: Yeah. Definitely no one is normal among us. MC: Is there anything like fun episode when the two craziest members plays the game together?

S: I recently acquired a new skill which I call ‘puppy sound,’ I used to be really good at simulating pigeon sound like ‘Orrrrrh!’ But instead now I do ‘Ang! Ang!’ And to give signal to get D.Va I’d say ‘D.Va Ang!’ And he will go and get MC: with that puppy sound? S: Yes, Just like that. MC: Each time you guys shoot your enemy, right?

S: and for McCree we cry ‘Ang!’ and for Ana ‘Ang Ang’ So when I see McCree moving around I would give signal like ‘Ang…. Ang!’ And for Ana we would cry ‘Ang Ang! Ang Ang!’ Sometimes the guys on our side gets mad and gets out of the game Then we would apologize that we would never do so again by chatting MC: You apologize? S: and don’t repeat when the guy comes back. MC: And how’s the combination between you and Gambler?

Who do you two click together? S: Well, we do have similar taste in many things. I believe that even if we got to know each other for some other reason we would have ended up being a good friends. That is how close we are. MC: And while you’ve been playing with your sub ID likeblossom, people confused you with Fl0w3R. How did it feel?

S: That’s the problem with streaming. When I stream, I don’t really concentrate on the game To be honest, beside the screen, I put my cell phone to check chatting screen. And I take more time reading chatting that looking at the screen.

MC: And you have to keep watching that phone? S:Yes. I tried to communicate more with the viewers. then I made the sub ID, and just concentrated on the game itself without streaming. People mistaking me in such circumstance, to be honest it feels quite good. MC: That is because?

S: Because they are mistaking me by one of the best players in the world. It felt good. MC: And have you ever been crushed by Pine?

S: Everyone in the team has been at least once. I’ve never been crushed just by my own But once, He crushed me, and janus above me. Pretty sure that would have caused his lung problem. I was lucky to be on the very bottom, but janus couldn’t avoid tragedy….

MC: How do you expect the result of 1 on 1 match against Pine? S: It would depend on the hero. In case of Widow I’d lose for sure, and with Tracer I’d win for sure. MC: And how often do you guys play friendly match with the sister team, LW RED?

S: At least once a day, for two to three hours. MC: That is quite a long time! And how eager are you to make it to the Overwatch World Cup? S: Actually, when I was watching APEX Season 2 Final, I said this. ‘It would be a great honor to those who are playing in the booth in this Final.’ And I believe that to participate in the Overwatch World Cup would be even greater honor, representing Korea.

I’ve never imagined of me being a representative for my country. MC: So you will exert yourself to make yourself as a part of the national team? S: Yes. I am training real hard for that. I even cut streaming.

But that wouldn’t be enough, Certain luck should follow, too. MC: Is it because streaming hinders with your concentration? S: Yes. That is why I don’t do it very often. Before I did much streaming while playing, But it does have negative effect on the performance.

So I cut it back, and stopped streaming while playing. MC: To concentrate? S: Yes, to concentrate. MC: What was the very first game you ever played? S: It was Ultima Online. MC: Ah, Ultima Online?

S: Yes. I believe that some of you are familiar with it. MC: I’ve only heard the name. S: It was the case for me, too, but at some point I ended up playing it. MC: and how old were you then?

S: 1st grade? Kindergarten? MC: And you’ve been playing games since when you were 1st grader until you became 21, without term in between? S: Yes. Mostly as a hobby. Then when I was 9 or 10 I began playing FPS games.

I began with KARMA Online, then Counter Strike 1.6. That was when I began playing Counter Strike series. MC: And were you better that your friends even from back then?

S: Yes I was. MC: So there is something special about the pro gamers…. MC: And are there any things you are obsessed with? Other than Tracer.

S: I… I am obsessed with flower patterns. MC: Yes, I remember! S: Various things with flower patterns.

MC: How many flower-patterned clothes do you have back in your home? S: Not many, maybe three. One sports training jacket, one long-sleeve shirt, and one pants that I only where in home. MC: Flower-patterned pants? And do you even wear flowery underwear?

Haha, Cause one of the viewers asked. Not my question. S: I don’t have it yet.

MC: And if there’s any that fits your mind, would you wear it? S: If it really clicks with my taste? Maybe I’ll buy one. MC: You have heard him guys. Viewers, if you know any online market to buy one, please leave a comment.

S: What is the reason that you like the flowers so much? S: Because flowers, those plants, they grow well only when they are cared appropriately. As much as you care, they grow up more beautiful.

MC: So it is basically like you? In much need of care? S: Yes, the more you care, the more…. Like that. MC: Showing with more passion?