Budget your money.
Gamble only with money you can afford to lose.
Decide before hand how much you want to spend during your gambling session. Don’t exceed the spending limit if you lose.
Predetermine a goal for your winnings, pocket some, and gamble only with the remainder.
Most slot machines reward you for playing the maximum number of coins. For example, the jackpot may pay 4000 coins with 2 coins played, but 10000 coins when 3 coins are played. To play the maximum number of coins, play a machine that accepts lower-value coins.
When you are winning, increase your bets only gradually.
Never play when you are tired or have been drinking.
Play only at tables you can afford. You should be able to cover at least 25 bets.
Keep your gambling expectations reasonable.
After five consecutive losses, leave the table.
If you double your money return your original stake to the cashier and play with your winnings
Have fun and quit while you’re ahead!
When gambling online remember that it is easy to forget the time.Casino pages fill the computer screen and the clock is not visible as in normal web page views.Online casinos,just like the real thing do not display the time.

In a land based casino,you handle real cash,this gives you a good perspective of what you are actually spending. In an online casino you don’t have this guide,you don’t see the money,you don’t handle it, so your attitude to losing may change,you may keep going even when you know you should have stopped.Please be disciplined when you credit your account.You are gambling with real money.

Playing the power pokers and multi play poker games,along with the video slot games will seriously eat into your funds very quickly,watch your bank as it could disappear FAST!

Casinos with Ecash transactions(RitzClub,Littlewoods)will withdraw your funds back to your card immediately. However,if you have registered more than one card,they can at their discretion split your withdrawal funds between the two cards,and not necessarily back to the original depositing card.Please read the dialogue box that appears after you have made your withdrawal carefully.

The majority of casinos have a reverse cash in facility available,this enables you to cancel some or all of your withdrawal funds,and credit them back into your playing account. You may have up to three days to use this facility,please think about this before you do.Remember the tips from above,if you’ve won money pocket it,you can always play again another day.